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Meet Douglas

Douglas started playing little league at age 8, and developed a passion for the sport that has taken him to national tournaments and coaching and playing all over the world. He has a wealth of experience in all field positions and has coached youth baseball locally as well as in France, Australia, South Africa and Hungary. Over the years he has trained with coaches who have played at high levels in the MLB and internationally, and loves working with children and young adults to help them learn proper basics and advanced skills. 


Testimonials, Coaching and Playing Experience

All three of our boys, ages 12,10, and 7 have received baseball coaching from Douglas.  Most importantly, he has helped build their love for the game.  Whenever he leaves our house,  the first question is always “When can he come back?”

He trained with our oldest prior to both and town and club team tryouts and dramatically improved both his skills and confidence before the big day. The one on one lessons worked on hitting, fielding and catching.  Improvement was immediately noticed. He gave excellent direction that was easily understood and very encouraging. He was also a valuable resource in helping to purchase proper equipment and the like. 

We highly recommend working him.  It’s well worth the time and money!

Pam (Needham, MA)

Douglas works with our son and is AMAZING. He is super professional, energetic, knowledgeable, and just all around awesome at coaching.


Josh (Newton, MA)

Baseball sessions with Doug was exactly what my son (7 yo) needed during the summer months; it was a way of getting back to a “normal” life during the pandemic. Doug’s coaching techniques made learning the foundamental skills of baseball fun. I noticed improvements in my son’s catching, throwing and fielding just after a couple of sessions. Doug’s coaching style stresses the importance of team work and having fun, which is not only important in baseball but also  in life. I highly recommend sessions with Doug for players of all levels.

Sheryl (Newton, MA)

I found Coach Doug through a Facebook Newton Parents group, and this was the best use of Facebook so far! Doug presented himself professional at the first lesson and that lasted until the last lesson. He was always 10 minutes early and he got ready before the start of the lesson, and I think that just tells you everything about him. He’s passionate about what he’s doing, and knows a lot about baseball, but he doesn’t end there. When my son needed emotional support, he knew what to do and what advice to give. When his little league team went into playoffs he made unexpected visits to cheer him up and show his support, which we felt so grateful about. We are so looking forward to the spring season to roll in to train with Coach Doug and have another wonderful baseball season!

J.Y. (Newton)

I cannot rave enough about Douglas as a coach and a person. He goes above and beyond at every lesson to teach new tactics, hone skills, and promote the love of the game. He got my son serious about pitching at a young age with his endless patience, enthusiasm, and determination. Douglas is not only a gifted coach but also a mentor. Any kid would be lucky a million times over to learn from him.


Rachel (Newton, MA)

Doug made it possible for my 7-year-old son to safely enjoy a sport he loves during such uncertain times. With patience and encouragement, Doug kept him engaged throughout each lesson. He also made each drill fun and fast-paced, so my son was excited to participate. I saw a noticeable improvement after each lesson and we look forward to working with Doug again before the Spring baseball season starts!"

Jena  (Waltham, MA)

I highly recommend Douglas for baseball lessons. As a life-long family friend, I have watched Douglas from his early days in the game to his more recent work around the world playing for teams and teaching kids. He is a talented coach and teacher as he can bring out the best in people in a non-judgmental way helping your child learn while feeling good. 

Sue (Newton, MA)

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